How viable is your business today?

Get clarity before investing too much time, energy and money. Test the viability of your business in just 3 months with The Leap, our online incubation program.

Finding product-market fit is harder than you think.

You might be in love with your idea and convinced that everyone else will be too but the reality is that It’s tough out there. Understanding if your offering is exactly what the market needs is challenging in many different ways.

Don’t worry. That’s where we come in.


If you are having trouble answering some of these questions then The Leap is exactly what you need.

Financial Projections
How much money do you need to launch?
How will you grow your team?
What are your sales targets?
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Impact Plan
What impact does your business have?
What’s your mission?
What’s your vision?
What UN’s SDGs are you working on?
Growth Plan
What are your long term goals?
What are your company's values?
What are your KPIs?
What are your milestones?
Have you identified future risks?
Value Proposition
What’s the root problem you’re trying to solve?
Who is your customer?
What’s your value proposition per customer segment?
How big is your market?
Stakeholder Map
Who are your partners?
What should you do in-house vs externalize?
What are your distribution channels?
Competition Map
How do you stand out from the crowd?
Who are your competitors?
How can you improve your offering to compete?
Business Model and Marketing
What’s your business model?
What’s your cost per customer?
How does your marketing funnel look?
Pricing and Business Viability
What’s your pricing strategy?
What’s your customer’s willingness to pay?
What’s your customer lifetime value?

The Leap Tuition.

Starting out a business is hard so we want to make it easier for you. The Leap Tuition is the only tuition in the market that you can pay by motivating other founders to bet on their businesses.

  • Build your business with structure and learn everything you need to know to build a resilient business
    Gain clarity over what comes next with our 8 step-by-step business tools. Review every topic in our checkpoints with entrepreneurs in your cohort
  • Work with discipline with your mentor and see the results
    Meet weekly with your volunteer mentor and review the advances of your work.
  • Develop yourself as you develop your business
    Improve and learn about resilience, wellbeing, leadership, purpose, storytelling and creativity with our new soft-skills checkpoints.
  • Get support from your incubation manager and the community
    Connect with entrepreneurs and mentors from all around the world along the way.
  • Perfect your pitch and get investment ready!
    Get feedback from experts while you practice your pitch in front of a judge panel in our own Pitch Night. Learn what investment really is for seed-stage founders like you

You’re here today because… You don’t want to put it all in the line and fail because of a lack of structure.

How does The Leap Program work?

Fill out your application, we want to get to know you and your project better. Once you’re accepted to the program, confirm your spot by adding your credit card details. We have limited spots per cohort!
You choose your mentor and the mentor chooses you in an organic matching process. Volunteer mentors from all around the world and from all types of backgrounds join each month, meet them and let us know who you’d prefer to work with during your incubation program. Over 1,050 mentors from 80 countries have joined our network already!
We know it might feel like a lot building your business from the ground-up. That’s why our 3-month incubation program follows a discipline-based entrepreneurship method. Discipline doesn’t sound sexy? Well, it works. You will validate your business plan and answer all the right questions through the 8 business tools of our platform.
Prepare for your weekly online meetings with your personal mentor to review the advances of your business plan and get external input to avoid costly mistakes. Check the comments your mentor has left for you on your business plan directly on the platform.
Make sure to share your experience, doubts, fears and questions with your peer founders through our online community. Our incubation team will make sure you’re right on track.
Your lifetime access to the community will get you invites to masterclasses and resources to learn how to develop your business even more. From webinars on how to build a brand and marketing tactics to receiving investment opportunities right to your email.

Complement your experience with our new soft skill checkpoints: Improve and learn about resilience, wellbeing, leadership, purpose, storytelling and creativity. Not only work on your business but on yourself as an entrepreneur.

Get feedback from experts by practicing your pitch in front of a judge panel in our own Pitch Night and get investment-ready by learning what investment really is for seed-stage founders like you. You’re new to the entrepreneurship ecosystem and we’re here for you!
After your 3-month incubation you’ll be able to download your complete visual business plan. Now that you are sure about the viability of your business project you can bring your solution to the market, present to investors, your team or pitch in competitions.
Get discounts for top-notch services for your startup like Google Cloud Services, Taskade, Mailjet and Hubspot.

Do you have any questions about The Leap Program?

Thanks to our experience, we know that each entrepreneur has their own needs and their own obstacles. We want to offer you the best result and you can contact us to help you achieve it.

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